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"This was the kick start I needed to get self motivated."  Gavin C

Richard, Challenge Chaser Retreat’s founder and trainer, has a wealth of athletic and sports training experience. He has worked in the health and leisure industry for over 21 years, helping people from all over the world to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Diagnosed with sclerosis and kyphosis as a child and told he would never participate in sport, Richard has defied the odds.

Highlights of his achievements to-date include completing:

* More than 100 marathons

* 5 ironman triathlons

* 1 double ironman triathlon

* 2 triple ironman triathlons

* The official Atlantic Ocean Rowing race from Africa to Bahamas

In London during 2006, Richard combined his knowledge and experience in sporting events with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, along with a Diploma in Personal Training to establish RTH Personal Training. Very quickly Richard found his skills and knowledge in ultra sport pursuits were in high demand . He trained individuals and athletes alike with specialist sports training programs and became heavily involved in training Paralympic Gold medallists and professional tennis players.

Richard has also crewed a number of his clients in many events including the Badwater Ultra Marathon, Arc de Arc and the Enduroman Deca triathlon. He has trained athletes to climb Mount Everest, cycle round the world, complete the Marathon Des Sables and row across oceans. Rich has also trained many clients to compete in different marathons and ironman triathlons. At the same time, Richard has supported clients in smaller events from 500m- 10km swims to 2km - 10km runs. 

In 2012, Richard moved to Australia hoping to take his skills and knowledge to a new level by fulfilling his dream of running his own, personalised fitness training retreat.

And Challenge Chaser Retreat was born.

Richard's knowledge, personality and attention to detail, will leave you with a feeling that 'anything is possible if you put your mind and body to it'. He will inspire you to look beyond the realms of normality, and give you the tools to approach any challenge head on. Not only will he help you achieve your goals but he will teach you how to sustain and excel at them. 


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