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Making the most of some quiet time...

Today is the 25th of April, a full 40 days since I last wrote. Sadly, Liz missed last fortnight, but for good reason, so it’s left to me, to fill the gap from my end.

It is kind of hard to know where to start, lots has been happening here at the retreat, but I think it is fair to say, rather a lot has been happening around the world too. On the 17th March, I bragged about having lots of bookings which included Easter, well, we were full the weekend after that blog, and then had to cancel all our remaining bookings thereafter, due to the pandemic. We are strictly following the advice and guidelines of our Local and Federal Government. It has hit us hard but has allowed us to finish projects that, looking back, we would never had got done had we had a constant flow of guests. So, despite there being no silver lining to this pandemic, we are making the most of the situation.

It’s all very well saying that we have been working hard, but what have we actually done? Well, the pool is now finished. All the landscaping, walkways, lighting to name a few, have been completed. The new eating area is finished, which houses a BBQ, so when you come and stay for a few days, you can sit by the pool and have a BBQ. The outdoor movie has also been moved down to the pool area and is all ready to go. Liz has done a good job of re-doing some of the signs around the place and we now have two, very fetching signposts to boot. All the tents have been scrubbed, deep cleaned, and treated before the winter. All the trails, outdoor gym, etc have been cut, watered, measured, redesigned, and improved. I have to say, the place is looking great right now, I just hope we can open soon. There, of course, is always more to do, but we have basically done the next 18months of improvements, in the last 4 weeks. It has been hectic.

Next week, Liz will be spending a large amount of time improving our Facebook and Instagram presence and then designing and printing the final few bits and pieces we need for re-opening. We, of course, have no idea when that will be. Sometimes we hear it will be tomorrow, sometimes mid-May, sometimes mid-September….you get the picture. In my mind, if they are starting up sport etc, we will be allowed to open as we are so small, come mid-May time, but we shall see. Whether that will be the same for the bigger places, who knows.

Moving forward, please consider our vouchers for anybody who just needs cheering up, a birthday gift, or a special celebration. We are issuing these at our current prices (valid for 24months) $125.00 per person, per night (kids prices vary) with the plan of raising our prices a little once things settle down. We have no plans for specific fitness camps just yet unless you have a group of 4 or more and we can put that on regardless.

Please keep up-to-date with all our news, happenings, and plans via Facebook and Instagram. Of course, you can always call us on 02 4997 8278 or email us at

In the meantime, please be safe. I think I might go and have a spa………

Speak to you in a few weeks,

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