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Learning to Fly...

Ladies, Gents, Boys, and Girls...

Good news and bad news for you this fortnight, firstly, the good news. I am doing the blog this week (we all know that means that it will be funny, heartwarming, and well, practical). The bad news...the blogs are going to come from me more often moving forward. 

The big news from us is that we are open. Stage one allows this with the new state and federal guidelines however, under a number of conditions. The most important being, we have decided to only take one booking at a time so that we have no crossing or mingling of different guests. Basically, if you book with us, you get the whole retreat to yourself for the entirety of your stay. Stage 2 will allow some changes however we will continue to adhere to the official rules and regulations and of course, adhere to all the social distancing and stringent cleaning protocols, etc. Your safety and enjoyment are our number one priorities.

These past two weeks, since my last blog, have been filled by finishing off all the little jobs that we had thrown ourselves into during this quiet period. The place is looking good, and as the winter starts to bring cooler temperatures, with the fires alight in both the tents and the communal building, plus hot water bottles in your beds, there is no better place to be 'as snug as a bug in a rug'!

I have also been doing some essential maintenance. The big difference between us and most other forms of accommodation is that myself and Liz have built most of the retreat ourselves. It, of course, means that things are not perfect, the whole time, but it does mean that when things go wrong, generally, we are able to fix them on the spot. Since January, we have had a few little teething issues with our water pump. Fortunately, not whilst we have had guests, but the pump we had, needed to be replaced. So, yesterday was that day. Now I am no plumber, but I have to say, I feel like I did a good job yesterday. I am sure it will get tested, but this evening it was working smoothly. The showers here are fantastic, and long may that continue!

Liz has been working hard on the website and general marketing, of which I hope you will see the fruits of her labor in the coming weeks. My role in all of this was to get the drone out and actually take some footage with it. I am no expert, and I need to practice more for sure, but I have been fairly pleased with the results. The problem I am having is that I have to be on beginner mode and this does limit the flight time and distance to which I can fly. But I am getting there!

So, with all that said and done, I am going to leave it there tonight. We have a couple passing through tomorrow, and since it's been a while, I for one, can not wait.

Please stay safe guys, happy, and healthy. It will be good to see you all soon. 

Take care,


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