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Hellloooo Autumn, we've missed you!!!

Hi everyone,

So it's my turn to write this week. I am glad it's my turn actually, as there is a lot of news to share with you all.

First off, the most exciting news of course. The building of our new pool and relaxation area has ACTUALLY started. That's right peeps. It won't be long before we shall all be swimming in our super slick mineral pool, surrounded by beautiful bushland and taking in the stunning views. The earth works commenced yesterday with no real hiccups, much to our joy, however there was one small problem with location. Due to the fall of the ground underneath where we had originally planned to put the pool we have had to shift it a few meters to the right for structural engineering reasons. Although we were a little put out by this shift in location, on further reflection it may actually appear to be a better position to access the light. Time will tell...

Next up, I just have to write about how incredibly green and beautiful it is out here after the large rain storms a few weeks ago. The local area has gone from what seemed like the dry Sahara Desert to a now lush, green, thriving almost Amazonian Rainforest. Ok, well maybe not that thick, green and lush but close...The trees are full of emerald leaves, the rolling hills and meadows are covered in a velvet like carpet of long lush grass and the meandering rivers and streams are flowing with fresh, crystal clear waters again. I almost have to pinch myself to know that its all real. I can't believe the turn around in just a few weeks. Cows and live stock which appeared thin and weak in the paddocks now look strong, muscular and happy. What a transformation! And now Autumn has arrived, the scenery will just get better and better with the turn of the season. It honestly is a beautiful drive into the retreat from either direction (Bulahdelah or Gloucester). I would highly recommend visiting if you can. You won't be disappointed.

Last up... although our breakfast and dinner menu's are pretty at the retreat we always like to mix thinks up and introduce something a little bit different to keep things fresh and new. Hence, we decided to introduce a few alternate dinner dishes to our menu with the help of renowned local chef - "La Peri". Peri is know for creating and inspiring colourful, flavoursome dishes with an Indonesian and Asian inspired flare. Peri gave us one night of cooking lessons and his time to teach, talk, cook, learn and eat everything asian. I have to say I absolutely loved this night, learning about new flavours and spices, how to mix and match different textures and food groups and how to cook and serve a scrumptious 'Thai Beef Salad' with a twist and the most delicious 'Satay Infusion' dish. We can't wait for you all to try them. We hope to work with Peri again in the Winter to create an even more exciting winter stay tuned for that!

Well as you can imagine things never stay still here at Challenge Chaser Retreat. There are always new people to meet, animals to feed, gardens to tend etc... you get my drift. Lots going on and lots to for now I will sign off. I can't wait to touch base with you all again next month. Stay safe, have fun and don't forget to live life to the max. We hope to see you up at the retreat soon.


Liz :-)

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