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Has it been raining where you are?

Past Guests, Future Guests, Wannabe Guests……in fact………anybody!

Hello from me (Rich). Liz did a fantastic job in starting these blogs, 2 weeks ago, now it is my turn. The plan is to do them fortnightly, and alternately, so you should get a pretty good mix of humor, facts and everything else in-between from the two of us.

As you are reading this, I can hear your minds wondering about what has been happening at the retreat these past 2 weeks. Well, in truth, what hasn’t happened!

We began with frantic preparations for the imminent threat of rain that was coming our way. Cutting back trees, where we normally flood, making sure everything is secure, all the animals were happy and ensuring the tents we locked up. And Boy, did it rain.

Our pontoon, that has a ladder going into the water rose by around 6 feet. All the water courses filled with water and the dry stream beds, became full of fast flowing water. The property itself handled the water perfectly, the retreat was fantastic too. Everything held up and I’m glad to report, the water is now subsiding at a fairly fast rate. The biggest problem? The sun has been shining and the grass has taken off. What was brown and muddy, is now full of life, weeds are growing at a rate of knots and its hard to know where to start with making it all look nice, as is our aim the whole time. Its exciting, its lovely to see, but as the person looking after it all, its hard to know where to begin!

Of course, on a practical front, the tanks are full, and the land is happy.

Beyond that, the first few bits and pieces of the pool build has started. The arborist has been in and cut down a few trees that were having to be moved for both pool and because they were dying, and the trenches have been dug and conduit laid for all the electrics. The actual digging starts on Wednesday, it will be a very exciting time. I can’t really believe that its all happened so fast. I will of course write my thank you’s to everybody involved as and when they are here, worked, been and gone. I really feel this will bring the whole place together and give people an excuse not to leave at all! We, as all accommodation is, at the moment, in this area, are struggling to have regular guests, but the pool will really make all the difference, in time for Easter and beyond!

So, all I can do now, is go.. I have a huge list of jobs to be done before the weekend is over. Please keep following us on Instagram and Facebook, we are really pushing both at the moment. We are planning to put our prices up, slightly, on completion of the pool build, but if you book during March, for a future date, we are happy to honor the current prices. $125 per person, per night, with breakfast and dinner included and all the facilities. A pretty good deal I am sure you will agree with!

See you soon.


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