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The Founders

Richard Hume

Richard was brought up in London and has been a personal trainer for the past 21 years. Having done the majority of his training in Europe, he learnt the importance of having facilities where individuals can come and do everything that Challenge Chaser Retreat has to offer. After moving to Australia in 2012, he wanted to follow his lifelong dream and build a retreat where he can help others to achieve their health and fitness goals. With an impressive resume derived from participating in sporting events, training individuals and crewing for races all over the world, he is very much looking forward to being able to help you achieve your goals.

Elizabeth de Haan

Originally from Sydney, Liz is an avid outdoor enthusiast and has worked in the outdoor and fitness industry all over the world including Italy, Alaska, Canada and England.

Professionally Liz is also a registered nurse, with extensive experience working in Emergency Departments, Surgical/Orthopaedic Trauma Units, Oncology and Paediatrics. Whilst working as a nurse Liz spent a large proportion of her time educating and reiterating to patients and their families- the importance of healthy living, nourishing the body with fresh food and maintaining an active mind with exercise and mindfulness.

After meeting Richard, Liz competed in a number of amateur sporting events including the Sydney Marathon, a number of half marathons and a sprint triathlon. 

Health and well-being are a big part of Liz’s life and she hopes that some of her knowledge and skills will support you in your journey at Challenge Chaser Retreat, and beyond.

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