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Below are some of the most common questions asked by our guests.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.


What time is check-in/check-out?

Check-in is from 2 pm onwards.

Check-out is at 11 am.

How many tents do you have?

We have four tents in total. Each tent is almost identical in design and set up and has water/bush views. 

Do the tents have power?

All tents have 2 power outlets and 2 USB chargers. Because the entire retreat is powered by solar energy we ask that you are mindful of the equipment you are using and/or charging. There are also a number of charging stations in our large communal building.


Are the tents heated /air-conditioned?

The tents do not have any specialised cooling systems however we do provide a heater in each tent for the colder months along with thick doonas, extra blankets, and hot water bottles for your comfort. During the Summertime, each tent has a stand-alone fan however, the tents are surprisingly cool and have floor-to-ceiling windows throughout to catch the breeze.

Do I need to bring my own towels and sheets?

All bed linen, bathroom towels, and sheets are included in your stay at Challenge Chaser Retreat. Please bring your own towel for the pool or spa as we do not supply these. 


What do I need to bring during my stay at Challenge Chaser Retreat?

Once you have booked in at the Retreat, we will send you an online information pack outlining everything you might need to bring for your stay. The information pack is quite detailed and should answer most if not all of your questions.

Can we bring pets?

As much as we love animals here at the retreat we have a strict no pet policy. We have a number of free-ranging animals in certain areas of the retreat and would hate for them to get hurt by excited pets. We also have our own dog named Colin who will become your side-kick during your stay (he can be kept away if you are not comfortable around dogs), he's amazing with humans but not so great with other dogs. 

Is there someone on-site?

Yes, we normally have someone on-site at all times. Most of the time you won't even know they are around apart from when they are preparing your meals or setting up a unique experience.  

Are kids allowed at the retreat?

ABSOLUTELY! We love kids and the retreat is the perfect place for them to get outside and explore whilst having oodles of fun. We have lots of great activities to keep the kids entertained however we take no responsibility for their supervision. Children must be under the watchful eye of an adult at all times. We have a number of deep open water dams on-site and are located in a bush setting. 


Is there a mobile reception and internet service?

Due to our remote location, there is no mobile reception at the retreat.  We do have internet access available, as we understand people may want to touch base with loved ones, check an email or two, however, the network is limited. If you require internet for work purposes, please contact us to discuss your needs. We do encourage low technology usage. 

Do you serve alcohol at the retreat?

Challenge Chaser Retreat does not hold a license to sell or serve alcohol however guests are welcome to bring their own drinks and consume them at their leisure. Feel free to bring a bottle of wine to your dinner table or have a drink on your private deck. We do have wine glasses on-site and provide small eski's in each tent where you can keep your drinks cool. 

Can I cook my own food at the retreat?

Yes, guests can use our communal kitchen and outdoor BBQ facilities to prepare their own snacks and lunch. You don't need to worry about breakfast or dinner as we have that covered. Guests are welcome to bring along their own food for lunch however there is limited storage space in our refrigerator. 

Can I eat in my tent?

There is strictly no eating in the tents to prevent our local wildlife from visiting. Guests are, however, more than welcome to eat and drink on their private balconies and around the retreat. 


I have dietary requirements!

Please advise on booking. Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in contact. We can cater to most dietary needs.


Are you on town water?

All water at Challenge Chaser Retreat is fresh untreated rainwater (drinkable). Our rainwater also services the bathrooms to the tents and showers. Although we have big storage tanks we ask guests to be mindful it is a limited supply. Our water is regularly tested to ensure it complies with Australian water safety standards. 


What type of food can I expect to eat at the Retreat?

Were all about fresh, delicious, plentiful meals. We want our guests to leave feeling fabulous. Check out our cuisine page to see more about our food service. 

Can I get to the retreat without a car?

Due to the Retreat’s remote location, there are no public transport options available, unfortunately. The drive itself is straight forward and easy.  Just before you arrive at the retreat, there is a 4km section of gravel road which is accessible to all types of vehicles.

Other important information - There is strictly no smoking on the premises at any time.

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